filing an SSDI claimHere's a hard fact: the majority of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications are denied after the first attempt. Frequently, this denial is because of mistakes on the application, incomplete information, or other technicalities.

You can avoid a delay in benefits and the unnecessary frustration of denial by the Social Security Administration (SSA) by doing everything possible to file a successful Social Security disability claim the first time you apply. Here's some helpful information on how to do this.

Prepare for a Successful SSDI Claim

Before you file your initial claim, prepare the information you need in advance, and find out how to protect your interests throughout the application process.

Specifically, it's important to:

  • Gather the right evidence and documentation. Before you apply for benefits, compile all medical records, work history, educational history, and personal information so you can fully and accurately complete the application and provide the appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Be diligent about completing the application. Many applications are denied because a question is left unanswered, a question is partially answered, or because there isn't any documentation to support a response. Make sure you answer every question completely and honestly before submitting your application.
  • Follow up after sending your application. Check on the status of your application. You want to make sure it's received and in the process of consideration.
  • Promptly submit any additional forms. If the SSA requests additional information from you, be sure to send it as quickly as possible.

It's also essential to avoid mistakes that might impact the status of your SSDI claim. These might include collecting unemployment, continuing to work, not taking medication, failing to follow through with medical treatment, and other conditional factors for denial.

Talk to a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Although these steps are easy, it's always helpful to have a partner in the process who can help with the process and cross-check your application. You have the right to work with a diligent and dedicated Social Security disability benefits lawyer who will make sure that a strong application is submitted on your behalf. If your application is denied, like the majority of applications are, then your legal team will represent you on appeal.

Please contact us today using the information on this website if you're ready to file for SSDI so we can protect your rights at every stage of the claims process

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