Geoffrey Marcus

Geoffrey Marcus

  • Gibbons Leis, PLLC
  • 14045 Ballantyne Corporate Place Ste. 325 Charlotte, NC 28277
  • (704) 612-0038

Geoffrey assists clients with long term disability claims, wrongful discharge claims and claims involving unpaid wages, breach of contract, retaliation, discrimination and harassment.

Passionate about protecting the rights of the people.

At a young age, Geoffrey shadowed and worked along side his father at his video game distribution company. From his numerous years learning from his father, he gained an important life lesson: “the most important practice in running a successful business, besides having a good rapport with your clients, is making sure to build good relationships with the employees you work beside.”  Geoffrey learned the value of treating employees with fairness and respect.  Today, Geoffrey is passionate about helping employees mistreated in the workplace.  Geoffrey also focuses his legal practice on assisting individuals denied long term disability benefits.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology from Emory University, Geoffrey realized his purpose and calling was to devote his law practice to assisting people with workplace and disability issues. As a law student at the University of Miami School of Law, Geoffrey interned in the Health Rights Clinic, where he represented and assisted low-income individuals in obtaining social security benefits. During his final semester in law school, Geoffrey clerked for an ERISA disability insurance law firm, where he fought against major insurance companies that wrongfully denied or terminated long- and short-term disability benefits of individuals. Geoffrey finds great satisfaction in holding disability insurance companies accountable to clients entitled to disability benefits through individual or group disability insurance policies.

Advocate for old-school manual transmissions.

Besides fervently advocating for his clients, Geoffrey enjoys spending time with his family, which include his cat named Ninja and dog named Daisy. Geoffrey also has a newly found passion for hiking.   Geoffrey also loves to drive his manual transmission car on road trips throughout the Carolinas.  He believes all cars should be offered with stick-shifts and that manual transmissions make driving much more fun.