At Gibbons Law Group, PLLC we focus on a variety of practice areas involving employee rights. If you are owed overtime pay, minimum wages, or other compensation; you have been a victim of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment; or you have a Family and Medical Leave Act issue, we can help. 

Employment Law

Whether you work on a factory floor or are an executive with a Fortune 500 company, you have certain rights as an employee in North Carolina. If you believe that your employer has broken a contract, failed to pay you earned overtime wages, fired you based on your race or gender, or violated your rights in some other way, you need to talk to an experienced employment attorney who exclusively represents employees.

At Gibbons Law Group, we have successfully pursued charges against a myriad of companies on behalf of employees, and we would be happy to hear your story. You do not have to take unfair and unlawful treatment by your employer—no matter how badly you need the job. Fill out our contact form or call our office in Charlotte to learn more.

Disability Law (LTD)

When you purchased your LTD policy, you probably thought you were all set. If you ever became disabled and could no longer work, your policy would kick in so that you could support yourself and your family. However, disability insurance claims rarely go that smoothly.

If you are ready to file an LTD claim, have already been denied, or are considering whether to take a lump-sum settlement, now is the time to contact the disability team at Gibbons Law Group. We have helped hundreds of disabled workers get the benefits they deserved, and we can help you, too.