1.  Free Telephone Case Evaluation

When you contact Gibbons Law Group, PLLC, you will receive a free, confidential case evaluation by an experienced employment law attorney or paralegal. A typical case evaluation includes answering a short questionnaire and speaking with one of our attorneys or paralegals.  The free case evaluation lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.  (If your situation involves an employment law claim that we do not handle, you will be notified by email that we cannot accept your case).  The purpose of the telephone evaluation is to provide you with an honest and accurate assessment of whether your employer may have violated a federal or state law.  Because every case is unique and fact-sensitive, we do not provide legal advice during the case evaluation.  This would be unfair to you and our firm because it is impossible to cover every relevant issue during this initial call.  Once we have evaluated your situation, we will reach one of three conclusions:

  • We believe it makes sense to further investigate your case;     
  • We believe that the facts you describe do not violate state or federal law; or
  • Our firm does not handle the type of case you describe; i.e. federal employee issues, worker’s compensation or unemployment appeals.

2. Case Investigation

We understand that filing a lawsuit against a current or former employer can be a very difficult decision.  Prior to filing any lawsuit, Gibbons Law Group, PLLC conducts a comprehensive investigation of your case.  This can include detailed interviews, legal research, and/or review of relevant paperwork and records.  At the conclusion of the investigation, we will review our findings with you, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and inform you whether we are willing to accept your case and file a lawsuit on your behalf.

3. When We Accept Your Case

When you retain Gibbons Law Group, PLLC to file an employment lawsuit, you will receive personal attention, professional representation, and regular updates on the status of your case.  When you telephone our law firm, if you are not immediately connected with an attorney, you will receive a return telephone call within one day.  You can depend on us to provide you with aggressive representation combined with common sense legal advice.