Long-Term Disability Client Shaking the Hand of a LawyerLong-term disability (LTD) claims are complicated and complex, especially for individuals who have employer-provided insurance coverage. Many people wait to contact a lawyer until their initial claim has been denied, but it's best to seek representation as soon as you are unable to work.

Benefits of Legal Representation

One benefit of hiring a lawyer early in the process is that you can avoid some of the most common mistakes that trigger a denial of benefits. These might include:

  • Providing incomplete information or vague descriptions of your disability
  • Misinterpreting the forms provided by the insurance company
  • Inconsistently treating your medical condition or going against doctor's orders
  • Not informing your doctor you intend to file for benefits
  • Quitting work before filing for benefits
  • Attempting to transition to a different, less physically demanding position
  • Relying on the experts provided by your LTD insurer to verify your condition

If you've already received a denial letter from your insurance company, hiring a lawyer to prepare your appeal can increase your chances of success. Your lawyer can:

  • Review the terms of your policy to see what triggered the denial
  • Verify that all applicable medical records have been sent to the insurance company
  • Determine what additional medical tests or doctor's opinions would be helpful
  • Line up vocational experts and other relevant witnesses to testify about the impact your condition has on your ability to continue working
  • Prepare to sue your insurer in federal court, if necessary

Trying to navigate the LTD claims process on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you're still adjusting to the limitations posed by your disability. Retaining legal representation allows you to direct your full attention to managing your condition while knowing your rights are being protected.

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