North Carolina employment lawyers cannot advertise that they “specialize” in employment law.  Nonetheless, there are only a small handful of attorneys in North Carolina who focus exclusively on legal issues faced by employees.  I believe you can find the best North Carolina employment lawyer for your situation by getting answers to certain key questions.   This will take some time on your part, but it will be time well spent.

  1. Recognize that you might have to hire an attorney who is not located in your town or city.  For some employment law cases, the most experienced attorney for your situation may be located several hours from where you live.
  2. You can research attorneys at several different websites, including:
  3. Check to see if the attorney is a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association, also known as NELA.  To be a member, an attorney must devote at least 51% or more of his/her law practice to employment law.
  4. Finally, go to the attorney’s website.  Does the website provide helpful information?
  5. When you call the lawyer’s office, how are you treated?  Is your call rushed or are you treated like a welcome visitor?
  6. When you talk to the lawyer, ask about his or her experience handling employment law cases.  Some lawyers only devote a small percentage of their time to these cases, making it difficult to keep up with changes in the law.
  7. Do you feel comfortable with the lawyer and the law firm’s staff?  Ask who you will speak with if you have questions as the case develops.  Ask how quickly will your telephone calls be returned.
  8. Trust your intuition.   For most people, hiring the right lawyer is one of the most important steps in maximizing your chances of winning an employment law claim.  Choose wisely!